IMG News! #3

Good evening from IMG News! This is WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot reporting live from the scene of accident. Here are the latest headlines:


Season One of Livery Competition Over

After 12 rounds of pure excitement, the first season of IMG’s ever-popular livery competition is at an end. The overall winner is WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot with a tally 63 points, followed by the master of elegant designs, Jarnoo (43pts), and the autocross star Pollie (29pts).

Next season has already started; the first round uses the Toroidion MW1 electric supercar template, and the theme of the round is emerging technologies.

Another Round of 3D Livery Competition Being Planned

IMG is looking to host another skinning competition, following the success of the first one. Although preliminary sign-up is not required, we have an entry list just to guarantee that there will be enough entries to make the round exciting. Only one more person is required for the contest to start – why not join us?

Spam Countermeasures Improved

Due to automated spam attacks, new user accounts had to be activated by administrators before they could start posting on the forum. However, this is no longer necessary; admin Kacinoman was able to acquire some top secret CIA software that recognizes spam posts, launching an immediate counter-attack that causes the spammer’s hard drive to explode. Thanks to the efforts of the K-Man, you can now join our forum and start posting right away!