The Blogs of Our Members & More

In this blog post I will be introducing blog pages and other projects that our amazing members have outside IMG!

Jarnooo – The Livery Blog

Jarnooo’s blog contains expert reviews of racing liveries from current times as well as the old days. In addition, there are mock-up liveries that provide an alternative viewpoint on some of the famous designs we see on racetracks around the world. In January, his work was featured in Auto Motor und Sport.

MattTheMilkaCow – MAD Paints

Matt’s blog is worth a visit for anyone who enjoys liveries and racing simulators. In addition to an impressive line-up of fantasy F1 liveries, there are many amazing liveries for games such as rFactor 2 and DIRT Rally – some of those downloadable!

oblongs – emikp

Oblongs’ Alfa Romeo F1 concept livery proved immensely popular – this, and many other beautiful designs can be found at the Emikp blog!

Stefan74 – Car Toonify by Stefan

And now for something different! For a very reasonable price, Stefan will make unique digital artwork of your vehicle. All of you fans of motorsport art who want to see your own set of wheels toonified, you can’t afford to miss this!

mtbboy1993 – Motorsport & Simracing Livery Design

For the friends of original livery designs, both 2D and 3D, mtbboy1993’s Flickr page will definately be worth a visit!

chance – krejzifrik’s DeviantArt gallery

For a racing fan, chance’s DA gallery is a cornucopia of exciting racing liveries and beautiful motorsport art. But it’s not limited to that; make sure to check out the non-motorsport artwork of this very talented artist as well!

GrandPrix – Mathershaw on Motorsport

Unlike the other blogs mentioned in this post, Mathershaw on Motorsport concentrates on the technical aspects of motor racing. Not a technological wunderkind? No worries – everything is explained in a down-to-earth manner that even us less adept at the mechanical stuff can easily understand.