Let’s Create Fantasy WRC Liveries! But first…

Creating fantasy liveries for F1 has been very popular recently, while another motorsport series that I follow has largely been ignored: WRC. I thought it might be interesting to see whether the existence of high quality WRC templates might remedy this. Thus, I opened up Inkscape and got to work.

What you see below is some lovely, clean vector linework. Savour it before I ruin it by shading it!

Of course, the final templates will be bigger than this. I started this project on the 30th, meaning that it’s taken me over a week so far. I am not used to working in Inkscape, which makes it slower, but I needed a change from GIMP. Even so, I doubt I’ll dare to try shading in vectors so I’ll probably end up finalizing these in bitmap.

The interiors are just simple outlines, and I doubt they’ll change much. Right now I am in the process of finalizing the lights, which are completed on the Ford. That alone took close to an hour, and it’s not even outstanding quality or anything. Making four templates is certainly a lot of work, and it will probably still take for a while for this project to finish.

In case you like WRC and template making, the theme of the current IMG template competition is WRC! Why not take this chance to show off your work and get some comments (I am the judge) ?