Fantasy WRC Liveries: Ford

In the recent years, M-Sport has changed their livery quite often. This gives plenty of room for imagination and a chance to create something entirely different. However, sometimes it is good to go back to the old days. In my opinion, one of the best WRC liveries on Ford was the Martini design that left the rear of the car red. That’s where I based this design, abandoning the curved stripes in favour of a straight-lined design that is in line with M-Sport’s recent livery designs.

I would love to see a Martini M-Sport World Rally Team. Would you?

DMACK has an excellent livery design – a wonderful black and white car that is really hard to improve. Nonetheless, I thought I might at least give it a try. So, I kept the DMACK colors, changed the design a bit, replaced clean lines with scrappy lines and added some of Ott Tänak’s traditional sponsors to bring some variety.

In an alternative version, I have just changed the red to blue, playing with the idea that the Estonian sponsorship might result in a livery in Estonian colors. I personally prefer this version.

And finally, there’s Jipocar Czech National Team. Martin Prokop’s awesome team has an amazing livery that I couldn’t improve in any way. So, I created a design that is heavily influenced by the real world; the only real change is that I replaced black with silver in the central and rear parts of the car.




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