Fantasy WRC Liveries: Citroën

Citroën is not competing in WRC as a factory team due to the fact that they want to concentrate on building their 2017 challenger. However, they are participating in the rallies through their customer division, PH Sport, under the name Abu Dhabi Total World Rally Team. Now, those Abu Dhabi liveries have very much been a hit-and-miss affair in the past, but this year they were able to produce a very beautiful red-white-grey livery that uses the swirly shapes of the Abu Dhabi logo as a major design element.

Using that design as my starting point, I wanted to see what would happen if I introduced blue into the design to give it a more French look – sort of a marriage between France and Abu Dhabi. And this is the result:

In 2015, Citroën also used a black-grey-white-red design with touches of green that looked great, at least compared to the white-red-gold mess that preceded it. It showed that a darker livery can definately work with this car. In this design, I used black as the main color alongside with gold, keeping the traditional red and introducing silver, just because it amuses me to have silver & gold in the same livery. This livery would be at its best on a super special stage, under lights, as pointed out by our member Samvanvliet.

But maybe some of us have had enough of Abu Dhabi sponsorship and would like to see a return to something more traditional? I personally liked the old Citroën liveries that were pretty much all red. However, painting a car all red doesn’t exactly take a lot of effort, so I added some white stripes for the following design which is still PH Sport, but has Citroën as the title sponsor.

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