Recreating the 2015 Ken Block Livery #2

In my last post, I had the rear wing and the rear light ready. I’m now glad to say that much progress has happened since then, as you can see below:

I am really, really happy with how the front light turned out. Those are always challenging to create, and it is certainly not any easier with a low-resolution source image. The next step I’m planning to take is to create the interior of the car and then slowly move on to the fun part, which – of course – is recreating the actual livery! Then I can move on to shading the body of the car which is something I’m really looking forward to.

I have also made a start with the rims which are nice and different from what I’ve previously done. They were done in Inkscape and then exported to GIMP, merely because it is easier to do that kind of stuff in Inkscape. The shape of the spokes is not perfect, but I trust that once the details and the shading are complete, it will be very difficult to notice that. While I do like to take advantage of some of Inkscape’s features when it comes to making rims, my skills with that program are nowhere nearly as good as I’d like them to be.

This is a really fun project! 🙂