Recreating the 2015 Ken Block Livery #3

Hey hey! The KB15 project keeps on rolling like a runaway Swiss Railways express train service down a mountainside! I’m glad to say that there’s been some nice progress since the last post, as you can see in the WIP I made for you VIP’s below:


Our little Fiesta now has an interior, the rims have shading, and there’s some rubber as well for good old Ken to burn. Funding is secure, too, with all the sponsor logos in their rightful places. And the hood, the bit above the rear light and the rear bumper are all colored and shaded! Wohoo!

There is, however, still a lot of work ahead. Brake discs and calibers need to be made and the rims still require a bit of work; truth be told, I’m not entirely satisfied with their shading but I shall resist the temptation to change that until I see what they look like with the brakes fitted. Oh, and I do need to make the wheel bolts as well; a trivial thing, it may seem, but one can overlook nothing when aiming for maximum amount of detail.

As they say, idle hands are the devil’s playthings and I’m a righteous man when it comes to graphics, so it’s time get back to business with this beast of a vehicle. I’ll be sure to throw in another WIP when there’s something to show.

Till the next time!