Making a Ferrari

Here is my latest project!

The idea is to create a high-quality artwork featuring this Ferrari, pictured from two different angles. As it is a huge project and my computer is not exactly a powerhouse, I have to create the two cars in two separate files and then merge them. Even when I work like this, my computer does struggle, sadly. Also, this means I have to keep merging layers so I can keep the memory consumption at bay, and this limits my capability to edit the car. In other words, I have to get everything right at once. I kind of like working like that, though.

This WIP here shows the result of about six hours of work, a huge portion of which I spent staring at the source image and planning how to do everything. Getting the logos has taken time as well; it certainly doesn’t help that every other click I make seems to end up in a connection timeout due to bad internet signal. Some logos I’ve had to recreate myself entirely, some partially, some I’ve just shamelessly downloaded.

In the WIP below you will notice that most of the front of the car is done, only the bumper is still unfinished and, for some reason, one logo seems to have vanished. My goal is to finish the front soon as I yearn to move into the other parts of the car.