Making a Ferrari #2

Since the last update, I have added several new parts to the car: wheels, windshield, roof, etc. What are the parts that took the most time to create? Many of you might say rims; this was actually a fairly straightforward process. The parts that almost always take the most time to create are the ones that nobody notices – in this case, the bonnet locks, the windshield viper and many of the logos. Of course, if there is something wrong with the aforementioned things, everybody will notice them.

Putting the driver names above the side window was particularly challenging. I had to switch to Inkscape for that as GIMP’s capabilities of ‘bending’ images and text are very primitive. So, I typed the names in Inkscape and tried to bend the text so it follows the contours of the side window. Well, there was nothing hard about that but it still didn’t look quite right since the perspective wasn’t there. Thus, I had to learn how to change the perspective of the text so that I can make it look like it actually follows the surface of the car. Eventually, I found a function that could do that but it would also turn the text upside down, or reverse it, or do it all wrong… I did finally discover how to do it right but it did take well over an hour of trial and error. All for a tiny detail that is barely noticeable.

The car is now pretty close to completion. The side should be pretty easy to make, then there are some extra details to add. Most likely the next post will show the final product.