Making a Ferrari #3

And here we see the final result. Overall, I’m happy with it but there’s a few things that could be improved. I am never satisfied with the lights and there are some parts that are hard to get right when using photos as a resource. The bonnet locks could surely be better and I’m not sure about the vents in the front bumper. The color on the two ALD logos differs noticeable which is purely a mistake and the perspective on the Francorchamps Motors logo is off. Little mistakes like that can be annoying when you are aiming for maximum quality, but then again, an artwork can never be perfect nor should be perfect. We’re not robots, after all.

With that out of the way, I started working on the rear view of the same car. Using slightly different methods, I have the hardest part out of the way. The rear end was diabolical to make! I created the black part bit by bit with little idea how it’s going to turn out. All those little gaps and lights and mesh took the patience of a particularly peaceful cow to get right but I am happy with it. Also, the little mechanical bits that you can see were frustrating since I literally have no idea what’s in there nor any interest to find out. It’s the colors and the lights and the shadows and the body shapes that keep me at this, not the bolts and screws.

The rear bumper turned out particularly nice. It wasn’t the toughest thing to shade and I had fun experimenting with some layer modes that I haven’t used before. I find it interesting how I was able to use light in some parts to create the perfect shape in such a way that you can’t actually see the light. For example, if you look under the little winglet that is still just a yellow bucket fill, right where the dark shadow begins, there’s just a little light there at the big radius corner (where the bumper bends under the car) to make the shape of the corner more realistic. It is a tiny, almost unnoticeable detail, and it would be hard to spot it even if I posted a comparison image without it, but trust me when I say that it’s those little things that elevate your work into the above-average categories.

Since creating that WIP, I’ve started working on the door of the car. The holes in the rear bumper are unfinished but I’ll finalize them some other time, probably when I have an empty hour at some point as I doubt they’ll longer than that. The hardest part still ahead are the rims, particularly since they will be in motion which is something I haven’t done before. I assume it will take a couple of hours of trial and error to get right and a lot of Mozart to keep those old grey cells moving smoothly.

Till the next time!