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JennaLT, Hello everyone!

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2016, 08:16
by JennaLT
Firstly I must say looking through the graphics I am blown away by the quality and professionalism... so much so I had to register and let you guys know.

I'm a girlie (well more of 'ol womanie' these days!) but that does not mean I cant parallel park or know what a spark plug is. In fact quite the opposite, with over 20 years experience in motorsport I can hold my own on the spanners.

In the past I have worked in many fields of motorsport but most fondly remember my years in WRC working with Msport and Prodrive. These days I work more in automotive R&D but after a few years away as a spectator I hope to be back with my own team (specialising in Rally Raid) in comming months.

Hopefully after spending years of applying race liveries I can learn a bit about what it takes to design it too, I look forward to reading through IMG more.

Re: JennaLT, Hello everyone!

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2016, 11:34
by WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot
Wow. I'm impressed, and a little bit scared... That's some amazing work history! Welcome to IMG - after working in professional motorsport outfits, you might find our forums a little bit... not so organized :)

Re: JennaLT, Hello everyone!

PostPosted: 05 Sep 2016, 23:28
by MadRacer38
Welcome to IMG! Enjoy your time here :)

Re: JennaLT, Hello everyone!

PostPosted: 18 Oct 2016, 19:52
by kacinoman
Welcome on board, Jenna