Hello! (and a quite cool think I had in my mind)

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Hello! (and a quite cool think I had in my mind)

Postby johnrafael » 15 Nov 2016, 21:23

Hello, IMG Forum!

My name is John, and I'm a brazilian graphic designer. I'm currently experimenting with livery design, primarily for fictional auto racing categories, within Nationstates, a something famous online nation management game.

To introduce myself I bring a thing I was thinking. This is about Formula 1.

Brazilian Retail millionaire Abílio Diniz spent 17 million dollars to put his son, Pedro Paulo, in Formula 1 in 1995.
It was a failure. Forti-Corse was an old-wreck, literally. A car 100bhp behind the top ones, a great choose for 1992 and not for 1995. Forti did not score even a point.

Let us suppose that in spite of this, the rich man ended up taking a liking to the thing, and instead of seeing his son become a hydroponic farmer, he ended up buying a team part and making his influence in the international economy.


A little explanation about the sponsors:
Parmalat - Parmalat left Brazil in 2005. I replaced it by Unilever.
Arisco - Sold to Unilever. Dove is a Unilever brand.
Sadia - Maintained since 1995 without modifications in the brand.
Ford - Teams with Ford motors changed to Cosworth. Last team with Cosworth motor (Manor), changed to Mercedes.
Mastercard - Maintained, changed only the logo.
Kaiser - Sold to FEMSA, then to Heineken.
Banco Cacique - Sold to Societé Generale.
INA Assistalia - merged with other Italian insurers to form Generali.
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Re: Hello! (and a quite cool think I had in my mind)

Postby WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot » 15 Nov 2016, 21:37

Hello, John!

I actually played NationStates myself, but that was something like 10 years ago, and there was no racing then :)

I like your livery - hoping to see a lot more of them!
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Re: Hello! (and a quite cool think I had in my mind)

Postby Quiksilver » 15 Nov 2016, 22:31

Hello there ..nice to see you here ..nice car & livery
Omnia vincit amor.
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