My Racing Career

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My Racing Career

Postby DebiK » 05 Apr 2016, 10:21

My Racing Career is a game where you take a role of a driver manager. Gameplay is similar as the old Batracer game, where you set the setup of the car, qualification and race strategy, and wait for the result... What differs this game from Batracer is that you manage the driver through the whole career, from young 18 years old driver with lower skills in small Formula 3 series, to the mature driver on top of his potential in series like Formula 1, NASCAR, Indy Car, DTM, WTCC... You manage his training, sponsors, series and take all the decissions which helps him to improve and achieve goals...
You can find the game here:
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Re: My Racing Career

Postby Thedonz » 07 May 2016, 07:23

Not that I'm biased at all.

But MRC is great, it can be played once a week or ever hour, and playing for free doesn't hinder you many of the top drivers haven't paid a cent to play.

Certainly worth checking out!
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