IMG Action Plan for 2016

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IMG Action Plan for 2016

Postby WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot » 13 Jan 2016, 14:26

International Motorsport Graphics came into existence approximately one year ago as a predecessor to the Robsworkshop community that was founded around the game BATracer. Now that we are looking into our first full year as a site, there are several challenges that face us. Therefore, I present our plan for the year 2016.

1. Activating the currently existing memberbase

There is no magic trick to accomplish this. Some have lost their passion for motorsport graphics and some are busier than they used to be. We can't force people to be active so the best we can do is to keep our competitions running and provide new material like tutorials and resources in case they want to return to us. For all of you who used to post here or at Robs', it would be nice if you kept us in your bookmarks and dropped a comment every now and then in the shoutbox or on the forum.

2. Gaining new members.

Every new member is valuable to us. We haven't had too many of them but it's certainly been great to meet the few who have joined. I know there are a lot of people out there who do motorsport graphics and even more of those who want to do them but don't know how to get started. In my opinion, this is a good place for the pro and beginner alike. For the beginners the treshold to display their work should be smaller than in a larger community, and the real professional guys will be able to show off their work and get feedback that will help them even closer to perfection before they publish their work to a bigger audience. And, certainly, we can offer more detailed feedback than Facebook, for example, where the communication seems to consist of 'likes' and one-line comments.

Again, good work has been done to gain new members and I am confident that this will sooner or later bear fruit. My main concern is that we are not attracting enough newcomers and that they find the treshold to join too high, or that they think we are an elite club that caters only for the experienced artists. My ideal vision of IMG is a place where the guys who have an eye for motorsport art - the folks who frequent the fantasy livery threads of motorsport forums, painting poor .jpg templates with MS Paint - can come and learn how to transform their fantasy into something concrete.

3. Developing our activities.

The livery competition seems to be the wind that keeps us going but it's not enough in the long run. I have no idea about what's going on with BATracer NG, either. Sometimes opportunities to design liveries for real racing and rallying teams appear, but not too often.

Sim racing is one of those things we haven't been particularly active with. Now, I know many of you guys play these games (rFactor, Dirt Rally, etc.) and I've even seen some IMG custom liveries! And that's really the thing we have to look at: if we could produce the amazing liveries that we see in the livery competition and offer them for download, or take requests from people; that would guarantee the popularity of our forum and offer a great platform for showcasing ourselves. I am confident that if we have learned to create liveries, we will be able to create them for games as well. So, I think that learning about custom skinning and attracting people from that field should be a top priority this year.

4. Spreading the word about IMG.

I know many of you guys have worked hard on this one, on Facebook and forums and elsewhere. I am sure this will bear fruit, eventually. Overall, I'm not sure if there's much more we can do at the moment.

5. Fighting the spambots.

They keep popping up and we keep cutting them down. Not much to be said about it. If we can get more people to post, the less of a problem they will be because they just love silent places. That's why it would be useful if everybody posted something every now and then. Every post doesn't have to be like a quote from a Shakespearean play; the odd one-line comment will do.

The floor is now open for discussion.
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